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The greatbiblical creation Debate

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  • Where will the Great Biblical Creation Debate take place?
    The debate will be at Pastor Greg Locke's church. Global Vision Bible Church 2060 Old Lebanon Dirt Road Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
  • When will the Great Biblical Creation Debate take place?
    The debate is scheduled for Saturday, December 2, 2023 at 6PM central time.
  • Will the Great Biblical Creation Debate be livestreamed?
    Pastor Greg Locke has committed to livestream the debate from his platforms: Pastor Greg Locke Facebook Global Vision Bible Church Facebook The Way YouTube Channel (@TheWay40) Fire & Grace Church/Dean Odle Ministries will be recording to upload to all of our platforms. We hope to livestream to our Dean Odle Ministries Facebook page.
  • Will the debate be available to watch at a later date?
    Yes, the debate will be available on all platforms to watch at your convenience and share. Pastor Greg Locke Facebook Global Vision Bible Church Facebook The Way YouTube Channel (@TheWay40) Dean Odle Ministries Facebook FGC Rumble (will be uploaded after the debate) Fire & Grace Church YouTube (will be uploaded after the debate) (will be uploaded after the debate)
  • Is the debate open to the public? Are tickets required?
    The debate is open to the public. No ticket is required. This is a free event.
  • Who is Pastor Dean Odle?
    Pastor Dean Odle has been a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ for 36 years. Pastor Dean Odle is the founding pastor of Fire & Grace Church in Opelika, Alabama. He started Fire & Grace School of Ministry in 2018. Pastor Dean believes in preaching the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation. This tends to land him outside of the mainstream church “box” as he teaches on subjects like deliverance, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, end times and current events, the alien deception, Nephilim, biblical cosmology, and exposing false doctrines. God revealed biblical cosmology to Pastor Dean in October of 2015. Pastor Dean began speaking about biblical cosmology in November 2015. His first public sermon on the subject was called, Lucifer's Greatest Global Deception (audio only). In May of 2016 Pastor Dean was the first to discover and share the information on physicist August Piccard’s high altitude balloon journey. Pastor Dean purchased the 1931 Popular Science magazine in which Piccard stated the earth seemed “a flat disk with upturned edge” for $15. (Minute marker 01:02:38) Below is Pastor Dean Odle’s presentation at the first Flat Earth International Conference (FEIC) in Raleigh, NC in 2017 hosted by Robbie Davidson of Celebrate Truth. Speakers included Pastor Dean Odle, Rob Skiba, David Weiss, Jeran Campanella, Bob Knodel, Mark Sargent, Darryle Marble, and others. This presentation caused quite the stir in the flat earth community because Pastor Dean said there is only One way to God and heaven, and it is Jesus Christ of the Bible. In 2017 Pastor Dean Odle was featured in the documentary Scientism Exposed II, a Robbie Davidson film. As far as we know, Pastor Dean was the first to share NASA Document 1207 that states the earth is non-rotating and flat. He shared this information at the first Flat Earth International Conference in 2017. In 2018 Pastor Dean spent many hours in the FOIA Reading Room (on the CIA website), the National Reconnaissance website, the Army Research Laboratory website, as well as others. Pastor Dean was the first to uncover and share the numerous declassified government documents he found that support biblical cosmology, the true shape of the earth, the truth concerning satellites and the aether, and the real purpose of the space shuttle program. Others mirrored Pastor Dean’s discoveries (some giving credit and some not) and the information went viral. In October of 2018 Pastor Dean Odle hosted the first Skyfall Conference covering biblical cosmology and Bible prophecy. There have been three Skyfall conferences since (2019, 2020, and 2023). In 2019 Pastor Dean Odle revealed biblical and physical proof that Antarctica is the “ends of the earth.” In 2019 Pastor Dean Odle published his 479 page book called Like Clay Under the Seal. This book provides biblical and scientific proof of the flat, domed earth. One entire chapter is devoted to atheists who have given their lives to Jesus after discovering the Truth about the shape of the earth. In 2020 Pastor Dean Odle did an in-depth series called The Sevenfold Doctrine of Creation. It includes revelation on the aether, Faraday rotation, and evidence of the firmament. Between 2016 and 2023 Pastor Dean Odle has performed five long distance curvature tests across Mobile Bay with high zoom cameras, telescopes, and a laser. In attendance were engineers, math teachers, physics PHDs, a former ship architect for the Navy, and a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel who taught at West Point. They all confirmed that there was no curvature detected during the tests.
  • Will Pastor Dean Odle be at the debate in person or only on-line?
    Pastor Dean Odle WILL be in Mt. Juliet, TN in person for the debate.
  • How will the winner be chosen?
    According to Pastor Greg Locke the audience will decide. Pastor Dean is not concerned with the voting because to him it is about sharing the Truth.
  • Is the venue outside or inside?
    Global Vision Bible Church meets in a very large tent. The tent is enclosed and has heat/air conditioning. The predicted weather for Saturday, December 2nd is partly sunny with a high temperature of 51 degrees and a low of 35 degrees.
  • Did Pastor Greg Locke say he would give $30K if Pastor Dean Odle wins?
    Yes, but Pastor Dean Odle stated immediately that he will not accept money for the debate. Pastor Dean is paying his own travel expenses and had no involvement in monetary "rewards" on either side of the challenge.
  • How can I share my suggestions for debate team members and flat earth content with Pastor Dean Odle?
    Although we appreciate your enthusiasm and desire to share, Pastor Dean needs to stay focused on debate preparation. Pastor Dean has been researching and teaching on biblical cosmology since 2015. Yes, he is aware of the other "flat earthers" and will be praying and seeking the Lord regarding other debate team members. You may email however, we may not be able to respond to all emails, comments, and Facebook messages.
  • Which version of the Bible does Pastor Dean use?
    Pastor Dean recommends a Bible from the Textus Receptus translation because those manuscripts were not corrupted or altered as the Alexandrian manuscripts were. The King James Version of the Bible is what he uses to study, teach, and preach. You can find the exact Bible he uses here, but keep in mind that you'll need to ignore the commentary. Since the KJV is an English translation of the Bible, it is still important to go back and look at the original Hebrew and Greek words used in the original manuscripts. Pastor Dean recommends using a Strong's concordance or the Blue Letter Bible app.
  • Why is this debate on the Sabbath? Shouldn't we keep the Law? Why do you worship on Sunday?
    Here is a teaching that answers the Sabbath question: Pastor Dean Odle has shared many hours of Scripture and teaching on the Hebrew Roots/Torah movement. The Bible is clear that true born-again believers in Jesus Christ are NOT required to keep the law of Moses. The Apostles were clear that believers were delivered from the law by the atoning death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We have a better covenant with better promises. And no one is justified or made righteousness or proved to be righteous by going back under the law of is by faith without the deeds of the law. In Christ Jesus, we are called to walk in the Spirit and not the works of the flesh and those who are led by the Holy Spirit are NOT under the law. Here are some other important teachings on this subject:
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