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Like Clay Under the Seal

Revised Edition 

Available Now

$25.00 USD (US Dollars Only)

In Pastor Dean Odle's new book Like Clay Under the Seal, he exposes Satan's lies about the heavens, the earth and the Creator. Find out what the Bible says about the shape of the earth, the true nature of the sun, moon and stars and the very real conspiracy surrounding it all.

Auguste Piccard Shirt

Popular Science 1931

(While supplies last)

$20.00 USD (US Dollars Only)

A beautiful replication of the August 1931 Popular Science Magazine on the front of this t-shirt and the Auguste Piccard quote from the magazine on the back.


Details: Gildan Ultra Cotton - 100% Cotton t-shirt - Adult sizes only.

Skyfall 2020 Shirt

(While supplies last)

$25.00 USD (US Dollars Only)

The official Skyfall 2020 Conference T-shirt.


Details: 100% Ringspun Cotton Nano-T T-Shirt. Sizes run small.

NOTE: If we are out of stock please email If there is enough demand we will place another order to restock the item. 

Make Creation Great Again Hat

$25.00 USD (US Dollars Only)

Make Creation Great Again red embroidered hat.

One size with adjustable buckle. 


Details: Port & Company - 100% Cotton - Embroidered.


The Polluted Church: 

From Rome to Kansas City

$20.00 USD (US Dollars Only)

Join me as I share how the Holy Spirit led me to the truth about the Egyptian Desert Fathers, the Roman Catholic Church, the Emerging Church, and the current prayer and prophetic movements in the Charismatic church. Discover how the doors to the Church have been opened wide to Satan by false prophets, counterfeit manifestations, and the use of eastern meditative techniques such as repetitious prayers, visualization, and even astral projection. Chances are you or someone you know have been affected by these demonic practices and deceptions that have crept into the church. It is time to cleanse the house of God!

(Also available in ebook and Print On Demand from most on-line bookstores)

Grace Abuse:

One of the Greatest Hinderances to Genuine Revival

$6.95 USD (US Dollars Only)

Pastor Dean Odle published Grace Abuse in 1998 after much study and prayer on the subject of "eternal security" which is also known as "once saved, always saved no matter how you live." This book tackles the apparent contradictions created by the errors of Calvinism. You will see from Scripture that a born again believer CAN fall away from God and be lost forever. 

The Holy Spirit: 

Tongues of Fire


This free PDF book was written by Pastor Dean Odle several years ago to explain the topic of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the Gift of Tongues. In this book you will discover (through Scripture) that this gift IS still for every born again believer and how you can seek God for it. We also discuss the counterfeit gifts, what it means to quench the Holy Spirit and why so many Christians are hindered from receiving this powerful gift.

End-time Tract

This free PDF Tract briefly explains the end-times and the prophecies that surround the end of days events.

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