A Prophetic Word about the Roman Catholic Church


For the sake of honesty and clarity, I want to say here that I had this dream about the Pope on January 10, 2012 and initially wrote that I thought the pope would die very soon. A month later I realized that I may have misinterpreted my dream because in my dream the pope was not dead yet but walking death and needing assistance. So it was in February of 2012 that I amended the Facebook version of this article to read "...or step down due to his own feebleness." However, I did forget to amend this on the www.deanodle.org website until now. Due to this oversight, I just got viciously attacked by an unbelieving family member about this amendment on the DOM website to whom I explained what happened. But as I said to him I will say here: the dream speaks for itself especially in light of this almost unprecedented event of the pope resigning whether I interpreted perfectly or not. The point of the dream was to show that a change was coming soon because of the pope's health. And the article was to show that both ancient Roman Catholic prophecies and the Bible prophecies in Revelation 17-19 agrees that the next pope may well be the last one before the great tribulation and the return of Jesus Christ. God bless.

On Tuesday night January 10, 2012. I had a very vivid dream. It was like it was in high definition. In the dream, I saw a man who appeared to be over 7 feet tall. He was dressed in very ornate red robe trimmed in gold. In the dream, I knew he was a Roman Catholic priest. The man was very weak and had two other priests on each side holding him up. I never saw his face because as I looked at his face his skin disappeared and he became a walking skeleton. He appeared to be near death. I also sensed the evil presence behind this "larger than life" figure.

The next morning as I was getting ready for work, I just dismissed it as some type of demonic attack due to our upcoming Bible prophecy conference. However, a couple of days later, the Lord revealed to me what the dream meant. He let me know by His Spirit that the tall man represented Pope Benedict XVI. Then, immediately as I realized the tall man was the Pope, the Holy Spirit made it clear to me what He was saying to me through the dream: Pope Benedict will die VERY soon or step down due to his own feebleness.

As I wondered why the Lord would reveal this to me, I began to understand that the Lord wanted me to share why the next pope will play a very BIG role in with the Antichrist in the last seven years leading up to the second coming of Jesus Christ. You see, the Bible is very clear in Revelation 13 that there are two figures who will work together to oversee a world government and have total control over the world economy: one is the antichrist (a political leader) and the other a religious leader who will have great influence and cause many to worship the Beast and take his ma