The Christian Hippie Love Cult

There is a cult of counterfeit love in the church right now and it is getting out hand. Love is truly an important subject that is taught in the Bible. In fact, the Bible says, "God is love." However, there are many Christians today and false professors of Christianity that have taken their emotional/human idea of love and exalted it above what the Bible defines as the true God-kind of love.

These Christian hippies (and I say that because their mantra is "all we need is love") seem to think that they have attained a higher degree of love than the rest of us. Of course they would never admit this because they are also more humble than the rest of us. And because of their superior ability to love people, they seem to think it is their job to point out to other Christians how they should show more love. They are convinced that if everyone could just focus on love like they do and say everything like they do, then people wouldn't run away from the gospel and everybody could get along. They just know that if everyone would be like them, there would certainly be total unity in the body of Christ and the unsaved would all come to Jesus.

In spite of the fact that one of their favorite Bible verses (to use out of context) is the "don't judge" verse in Matthew 7, they always seem to judge us lower-level Christians when they think we are not walking in the proper attitude of love (which they have attained). They seem to always have a better way of witnessing, preaching, correcting, and counseling than others do. They are convinced that their gentle and passive way of sharing Christianity is a more effective method of evangelism. Never-mind the fact, that you don't see very many (if any) true repentant, on-fire disciples made by these people. In fact, they mostly add to their numbers by luring once solid Christians into their unbalanced and unbiblical "love" theology. It is called transfer growth, but they have convinced themselves it is evangelism. Some of them even manage to build some pretty big churches with their soft, sweet, non-offensive, seeker-sensitive Christianity, but their "success" at building numbers has only hardened their hearts toward the true Gospel.

Amazingly, one of the main proponents of the seeker-sensitive approach, Bill Hybels of Willow Creek Community Church, finally admitted that their method of "ministry" had failed miserably. After three decades of building a large church and marketing their pattern to other churches, they did a serious study on the results and were shocked to find out that the seeker-sensitive approach had not made strong Christians. In fact, the true Christians in the church were starving to death under their watered-down services. But after seeing Bill Hybels bring in heretics like the Emerging Church leader Brian McLaren (who is a pro-homosexual, universalist) to preach at Willow Creek, it is obvious that there are even more serious problems with their understanding of "doing church."

The sad thing is that these Christian hippies (who claim to walk in love) actually despise other Christians who dare to be strong in the Word and outspoken against sin, compromise, and false teaching. This disdain for the true prophetic anointing is deep within their hearts but they try to keep it hidden under either their contrived pity for those who don't understand how to love like they do or their superior notion that they are demonstrating their love and unity by not voicing their disagreement. However, their venom does come out when their "love" buttons get pushed. I have seen it time and again. Just correct one of their unbiblical comments on Facebook or expose an error being taught by one of their favorite false teachers and they can't hold back their accusations against you. You will be told that you are not walking in love. You will be called judgmental. They will say that you have a religious spirit. You will be labeled legalistic, a know-it-all (while they are claiming to know better than you), a Pharisee, a Puritan, the Christian police, a ministry of condemnation, or even a false prophet. They will say that your strong approach really drives people away from Jesus (even though you may have years of good fruit and many true converts who came to know Jesus through your preaching).

To these hippies a bold Christian is being too harsh if he or she dares to have a spirited debate/discussion in public. They cringe and their soft, tender hearts want to run away. They don't care if you point out that Jesus (the Perfect Example of LOVE) had several heated debates with Israel's spiritual leaders in public even calling them names. Oh and don't dare mention Jesus throwing over tables in the temple court or Jesus pointing out the hidden sin in the lives of people that He witnessed to like the woman at the well, the rich young ruler, and even His disciples. They ignore how Jesus called Peter "Satan" one time in front of everyone or that Paul debated the Scriptures and preached the Gospel in the Jewish synagogues and in the market place. If you direct them to what the Bible says that does not agree with their false love gospel, you will be accused of twisting Scripture or using Scripture as a weapon to "tear down" instead of the way they use it to "build up.".

Nevertheless, the Bible is clear: God in the flesh (i.e. LOVE in the flesh - Jesus Christ) wasn't always nice and sweet. Bringing up these Bible truths to the Christian hippies will usually cause them to make snide comments that actually ridicule you for using the Bible to make your point (though they like to use the Bible to make their point). But what they don't understand is that this is the same reasoning the devil has instilled in lost people in order to argue away their need to repent and follow Jesus. They use the clichés like "God loves everybody" or "God knows my heart" while they ignore the Biblical requirements of repentance from sin and a continual walk of faith in Jesus Christ for eternal life in heaven. This is what you hear from homosexuals who refuse to give up their sexual sin and come to Jesus Christ. And it is these same distorted ideas about God's love that have caused many people to fall into the deception of universalism or universal salvation which teaches the lie that everyone is going to heaven whether they turn from sin and put faith in Jesus Christ or not. Some of them (like the heretic Rob Bell) even end up believing the lie that hell and the lake of fire do not exist or everyone ultimately gets out of hell one day. And