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Prophetic Word for 2014 – UNPRECEDENTED

I received a Word from the Lord the evening of December 31, 2013. I posted it on Facebook and it was subsequently shared by several others. Since then, it has “disappeared” from Facebook completely. I shared the prophetic Word God gave me with our congregation at Fire & Grace Church on Sunday, January 5, 2014. It can be found at the end of my message entitled, “Ziklag” on iTunes.

On New Year’s Eve the Lord gave me a prophetic word to share about 2014. A lot of people like to give prophetic words for the coming year but I usually don’t. As a matter of fact, the last time I remember giving a word for the coming year was December 31, 2000. The Lord spoke to me during an all night prayer meeting that New Year’s Eve and said, “This year will be a year of tragedy.” I saw this word come to pass two-fold as by November of 2001 it was fulfilled in my personal life. And then of course we all remember the tragedy on September 11th 2001. The Lord confirmed His prophetic word to me just two days before 9/11. As I was preaching that Sunday morning, He told me that there would be a terrorist attack on New York City and Washington DC. I interrupted my sermon to share with my congregation what the Lord had just spoken to me. They were all dumbfounded when it came to pass just two days later. I share this story to emphasize that this is not something I do frequently. Some people seem to get a word every year for the coming year and that is fine if it’s of God, but I personally think most of it is nonsense.

On December 31, 2013 I was praying and the Lord just spoke a word to me very clearly - “UNPRECEDENTED.” I have never had the Lord speak that word to me. But when He said, “UNPRECEDENTED” I knelt down to even pray more it was like He downloaded into me, “IT WILL BE ON ALL LEVELS.” God revealed that there will be unprecedented events this year in our military, our economy and our environment. Some of it is already happening, but that there will be unprecedented terrorist attacks and unprecedented warfare. The Lord said there will also be unprecedented events in the lives of Christians, that some of you will see great miracles happen that you have never seen before. The Lord spoke to me that some of us would even raise the dead in the name of Jesus and that there were going to be some very unusual and uncommon things happen this year.

The word “Unprecedented” means - Never known or done before.

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