Biblical Characteristics of the Antichrist

1. He will be a real man not just a spirit or an evil system of government (2 Thess. 2 & Dan. 7:11).

2. He will be of Arab descent because the Bible calls him “the Assyrian” (Isaiah 10). 3. He will talk constantly about world peace and security (Daniel 11:21-24 & 1 Thessalonians 5). 4. He will be a very intellectual “royal” who carries the title of prince (Daniel 8:23-25; 9:26) 5. He will be in line for a kingship but the honor of the kingdom will be denied him (Daniel 11:21). 6. He will come to power over the world government by deceitful, smooth talk and flattering (Daniel 7, 11:21-24, & Revelation 13). 7. Playing the part of a moderate Muslim, he will be a key player in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through a peace treaty that follows a terrible war between Israel and their Arab neighbors. This peace treaty is for seven years, bur he will break it in the middle of that last seven years (Daniel 9:27; Joel 3; Amos 1). 8. He will be viewed as the man who saved the world from annihilation after the coming nuclear war and by many he will be viewed as the Great World Teacher who is also superhuman. Some people will see him as the Buddhist Maitreya, others the Hindu Krishna, the Islamic Mahdi, and even as the second coming of Christ in a man (Daniel 11, Matthew 24, 2 Thess. 2 & Revelation 13). 9. He will promote humanitarian issues and wealth redistribution i.e. communism and “democratic” socialism (Daniel 11:24). 10. At first, he will push all religions to put down their differences and unify in order to bring peace (Daniel 11:21-24, Revelation 13 & 17). 11. He will promote a one world government and eventually preside over a group of ten world leaders (Daniel 7 & Rev. 17). 12. He will be involved with the United Nations and the plans to change it into a world government with a new name (Rev. 13 & 17). 13. The reunited Holy Roman Empire (European Union) along with a union of Arab nations will love him and support him all the way (Daniel 2 & Rev. 13). 14. He will work with an influential religious leader who will perform great demonic miracles (the Pope) to bring about this global agenda (Rev. 13 & 17). 15. With the Pope’s help, he will gain control over the global banking system and eventually control who can buy or sell through some kind of mark/number placed in the hand or forehead; an act that will eternally damn a person to hell forever (Revelation 13 & 14). 16. He will deny that Jesus Christ is the unique Son of God who came in the flesh, died on the cross for man’s sin, and rose from the dead. Thus, he will de