Kill Them With Kindness

I remember the feeling that came over me last year when my husband asked my son who is in the Army and was preparing to deploy to Afghanistan what their mission objective would be. My son replied, "Winning the hearts and minds of the people." My first thought was that this objective was VERY inappropriate for our military! It sounded more like a public relations job. The military is to protect our country! The military is to show strength! The military is for war!

I am sure you can imagine my displeasure when I read the following article after my son was deployed about the "tightened rules of engagement" that are endangering our soldiers and causing unnecessary deaths!

"Obama’s Afghanistan Surge was coupled with tightened Rules of Engagement aimed at winning the hearts and minds of the locals. The ROE’s restricted how soldiers could fight the Taliban and cost plenty of lives, but it appears that ISAF’s Hearts and Minds project has hit a new low.

When reading this keep in mind that half of deaths in Afghanistan under Obama were caused by IEDs.

Soldiers were ordered not to open fire on Taliban fighters planting